Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

Adowa, Adua etc. - Italians desaster in Africa

This time I want to show something complete different from the last posts. Again my favourite subject, colonial wars.

Italy's defeat at Adowa 1896 was the greatest desaster a European nation ever suffered from "savages" in the 19th century.

Alfred visited Rome some years ago and had the chance to make photos of this diorama in one of the museums there. I hope to visit Rome and all the museums there in the near future and hope than for more photos of this diorama as these here are the only ones we got.

There is a very good book in English about the whole campaign which has seen more than this one battle.
Available from the Naval & Military press from here. So far the most detailed book I have got about this subject.

For uniform plates simply buy the Osprey or if you want to get more stuff, enjoy this selection of my own archive.

Johnny foreigner already made an Ethiopean militia for the 1935 war against Italy. I was able to get some of them, but when I ordered more it became more and more difficult and after 6 month of waiting and promisses I cancelled my order. A pity as these are nice figures.

There are several Italian colonial campaigns:

1887 - Ethiopea
1896 - Ethiopea
1900 - Boxer Rebellion
1911 - Lybia
1916 - Sanussi rebellion, up to 1930. The movie "Lion of the desert" is covering it.

1935 - Ethiopea
1940 - against the Allies, end of Italian colonial history

I am wondering if figures for Italian colonial warfare would be an interesting subject for my future production? What would you say about it? Please leave comments or write me a mail.

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