Freitag, 2. August 2013

New figures in our shop - Landsknechts standardbearers

Tonight I got a mail from Andy who sent me photos of conversions which he made from the MIBODI 16th century range figures and which are on sell in the shop now.

Here some Landsknechts flag bearers.

I already got my samples and I am impressed by the quality and the details. Now it is just to paint Landsknechts, a challenge in my mind.  But next weekend is the figure-fair in Kulmbach where we will have our stand and I hope to find the time to visit the tinfigure museum in the Plassenburg there.

They have a great diorama about Pavia of which I hopefully can make more photos then the one I found on the web.

And that could be a teaser for me to paint more Landsknechts myself...

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  1. Very nice standards and figures - the poses are very realistic - particularly the second guy with the staff on his shoulder. Best, Dean