Sonntag, 17. März 2019

Freiherr von der Trenck and his Pandurs

Trenck was a famos freecorps leader of the Austrian army in the war of the Austrian succession. His unit so interesting, that our friend Holger asked, if Massimo can sculpt them.

Alfred had a nice doll in 1/16 scale or so, which I photographed and sent the details to Massimo.

And here what Massimo made from out of it

in my eyes, simply great. But they could be a challenge to paint. To be honest, now I am thinking myself to add the first Grenzers of this period to this range. Simply because they are all so colorful.

Donnerstag, 14. März 2019

The 31eme legere in Spain

Maybe you have heard of the uniform-series painted by "El Guil"? Drawings of many units of the French army in Eastern Spain.

On of my favorites in these campaign uniforms is the 31eme legere. Just vests, no coats and nice colors.

My friend Pieter had it on his wishlist, so Marc and I decided it would be a nice birthdaygift for him.
And as usualy Massimo did a great job:-)

This weekend I will try to paint a set of them. White/Green French fighting redcoats:-)

Samstag, 9. März 2019

Brunswick infantry 1870

the latest set for our Franco-Prussian war range are the Brunswickers. I already showed the two masters Massimo made.

Now here some nice conversions Andre made of these. So this are the poses we Andy will put in the mould.

Dienstag, 5. März 2019

Swiss Regiments of the Papal army in 1848

When Martin told me about his idea of Radetzky's Austrian army I told him we need enemies for them too. Martin's plan is, to cover the Austrian army first.

So I decided to help him and go for several Italian and Hungarian enemies.

The Sardinia-Piemontese army would be the first joice. Such an army is available from Legio Heroica who already have some Austrians too. But these figures are true 20mm and so a little bit small.

As you know me, I always go for the obscure stuff:-)

So my decision for the first set of enemies were the Popes Swiss Regiments. The Swiss units suported the Piemontese army and lost against the Austrians at the battle of Vincenzo 1848.

A description of their services you can read here

I like their colorful uniforms.

And here the photos of the Masters, Ingo made for me

Such bell topped shakos could be useful for several German armies in the 1848 uprising as well as Danish troops in 1848 and maybe for some British infantry 1820ies up to the Albert shako.

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2019

New Masters from Massimo - Austrian Hussars 1848/49

In our fast growing range of Radetzky's army in Italy we have the next set available. I already got the castings last week.

The figures are also useful as Hungarian Hussars in 1849 to fight the Austrians in the Hungarian war of Independence (the prefered Definition of  my friend Krisztian from Hungary). Austrian sources call it the Hungarian uprising:-)

The plan is to get a complete Austrian army which fought in both these wars. Some of the Hungarian regular Units had the same uniform, some more other will follow.

A challenge are all the Italian Units. We start with the Swiss line regiments of the Papal army.

But now the Hussars - for sure they could be used as Napoleonic ones too!!

Samstag, 23. Februar 2019

Franco Prussian war

Massimo sent photos of his painted figures. The French Chasseur Afrique is from the Solferino series he is making for my mates Patrick and Wolfgang.

The Prussian is a headconversion of our own Prussian infantry.

Both figures are of course also useful for other wars from 1850 to 1877...