Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

Battle of Leipzig - Fighting at Wachau

This weekend I found some nearly 10 year old photo-albums full of photos I made in my earlier years as collector. I will try to scan several of them to put them on the blog.

What I found here are photos from one of the first dioramas Wolfgang Meyer and his friends made. I guess it is over 10 years old. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos...

This artillery battery with all the landscap around I found most impressing

 Streetfighting in Wachau.  I personally like the conversions to Polish infantry. In these days I was lucky to get some of these conversions from the caster too.

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

Cuddalore - The French camp and the town behind

After showing the pictures of the fighting units, I now want to show you what is behind the french redoubts.

I am very proud about this jungle on which Schmitty is working here. The French account says that part of their tents were whithin this jungle

Here the photos of the finnished one

Behind the wood the French camp. Regiment Aquitaine in reserve position here as well as some volontaires etrangeres as camp guards. The latter in the light blue uniform.

 No these are not British Sepoys:-) first the French thought that a red uniform would be a nice uniform for their units. Well, they changed their mind soon...

 Because of the French countercharge in the center the regiment Royal Bourbon (colonial unit from Reunion) advanced forward to occupy the trenches. This was a regiment of blacks.

 Here some members of the French staff

 Together with their guard of cavalry from the Royal Etrangeres.

Behind the camp we put a little part of the town occupied by some irregular Mysoreans or Afghan mercenaries

With these buildings behind the French line, we don't have to forget that the British right wing didn't attack the French line. Their artillery lost the duell with the heavy French artillery. Here we have the 78th Highlanders.

 This is a fakirs tomb which stood on this position on the battlefield. Alfred and Roland found a drawing and simply thought "let's make it".

And here the British artillery. I was able to use the Strelets British artillery from their Napoleon in Egypt range. 

But more funny for me, I was able to use finally my British elephant artillery from Hinchcliffe.

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Lasalle painted

This morning Jörg send me these photos of his set of Lasalle together with his ADC and two officers of the 2nd Husars.

Belgian infantry for Waterloo

Hi guys,

for the Waterloo fans between you I have some good news.

Five minutes ago I put the Dutch Carabiniers into our shop. Beside them Pieter wants to continue with the Dutch/Belgian army for Waterloo.

The latest figures Massimo made for him is the 7th Belgian infantry.

Shortly will follow Dutch militia Casualties and we will start to convert the Belgians into Dutch too.
The figures will all be available at the Crisis where we hope to meet a lot of Belgian patriots:-)

Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

French Chasseur a Pied 1855-1870

Here the latest figures that Massimo made for my 1870 project (and the shop of course too:-)

French Chasseur a Pied. These guys have the longer coat which makes them interesting for 1859 too.

He used these paintings as a source for them