Donnerstag, 23. März 2017

Napoleon in Egypt

Tonight I started a new range in our shop - Napoleon in Egypt. If you are interested in them take a look here.

Several of my British units for Wellington in India as well as my own Peninsular British infantry in early uniform can be used for Egypt too.

See here some plates by Funcken showing the British regiments in Egypt

And even the Indian army sent some of their Sepoy-Regiments to Egypt

But for what I started this post - here are the photos from our latest set  - The French Dromedar unit.
We show it in the first uniform in Hussar style. These figures will be converted with a turban and baggy trousers to show the later type of them.

And for those of you who need a uniformplate of them... The guy with the red baggy trouser is an artilleryman. The left one shows what comes up

And here trumpeter and drummer.

Sonntag, 19. März 2017

Krisztian painted our French Guard Foot artillery

Better than I could do it...

The ramrod looks very heavy:-)

Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

A litte ACW Diorama

Massimo sculpted these figures for our ACW-Range and you could buy it here. The Camera was made by Andy who is our specialist for technical equipment.

Togeher with Andrea Melani he created this little scene himself and won another award at the Italien figurefair "Frammenti die Storia" in Calenzano.

I am wondering how much space is left in his hobbyroom with all these medals and awards lying around:-)

Montag, 13. März 2017

And here our next set - French Dragoons 1808-14 in campaign dress

In addition to Pieter set of charging Dragoons in his range of the Peninsular war we now have three new poses of advancing dragoons.

To each of the poses we have a separate arm with a sabre resting on the shoulder.
On the masters we have advancing horses but they will also be available with standing ones.

More figures for the Peninsular war will come soon. But I am sure these guys are useful for other campaigns of Napoleon too:-)

Sonntag, 12. März 2017

Russo-Turkish war 1877

After a very long business-week I recognized that it is time for another post.

Here I have photos of an interesting wargame I found on the web this year. Sadly I lost the link to it, but safed the photos for my collection. Maybe someone can help out with information?

If you add WW1 there were 12 Russo-Turkish wars from 1568 to 1918.

In my eyes 1877/78 is one of the most interesting of them. Strelets has a nice range of figures for it and you can convert armies from both sides. Every Zouave can go as a turk and even WW1 German Pickelhaubes with ACW-Kepis can go as Russians.

Here we have some painting conversions of HAT WW1 Russians. But I think they don't work as this "slavic" style uniform came after 1877.

Let's add some photos in another scale. Photos from Konstantinos who made them in a private Museum in Istanbul.

And to complete the post just a few uniform-plates of the Turkish army

And some photos from a Plevna Panorama painting. Also from Konstantinos