Montag, 24. September 2018

Mexican-American war

Last weekend I read an old Military history magazine which had an article about the battle of Palo Alto.

This war had always a litte fascination for me as we have a colorful army on one side and battles which involved not too much soldiers on the other side.

So for sure this is an option for a future diorama project.

Shortly after I finished the article I decide to clear up the hobby-room - ok, at least I tried.
I stumbled over the Hanoverian Landwehr figures, sculpted by Ingo which are available from Schilling-Figuren.

The Turnbacks of the coat ist mostly hidden by the equipment and I took liberties about the cuffs.
But see the result I had afterwards - US Infantry in the Mexican-American war:-)

Very useful, don't you think?

Samstag, 22. September 2018

Ulundi - Organizing the units

Finally here now the first photo of our working weekend. Now you can see me working too, not just making photos. The same goes for Roland who painted hundreds of Zulus.

Me glueing a Zulu Regiment on stands while Michael Einsiedel checks the formation.

 Roland and Alfred sorted all my Zulus after the shield color to organize the regiments.

 Proud to have he first base arranged - and looking very stupid...

 Roland started helping me. We know from memoires that they charged in companies four men deep.

Rainer's 80th foot and some artillery which I asked him to paint and organise.

My own British companies of the 13th and 21st infantry as well as my 17th lancers (the on on the yellow base are Rainer's.

Richard made some nice conversions which he still has to paint.

Puh, can't remember which one Zulus these are, but I guess Richard.

Because Rainer arranged his on such bases

While I had most of mine loose to glue them in formations.

 Glueing half the afternoon...

Then removing the older figures which I used for Isandlwhana 15 years ago to reorganize them in the units we need this time.

Richard helping me organizing the Frontier Lighthorse.

And finally a close up of my British companies. You see the kneeling at ready of the second rank needs some reinforcements. So I still have to paint...

Montag, 17. September 2018

And again more Ming Chinese

After all the "modern" figures, here again some more Chinese from Thomas' range.

I guess some of you may have missed these guys:-)

And I am still wondering how much are in the pipeline...

Mittwoch, 12. September 2018

Tirolean insurgents 1809

First I thought the next post would about the Ulundi Diorama, but now I got the next set of figures from Frank who was very busy the last two weeks.

So I show you the photos of another set that will very soon appear in our shop and is for me as a Bavarian one I wished for a long time.

Tirolean Schützen will be the first set in this small series. Tirolean Landsturm with ancient weapons will follow next. If you need Andreas and his fanatic monk take a look at Munich Kits. Great figures which I have in my collection too. The only problem is, they are resin. But so far none break.

So after the charging Bavarians from Massimo here the defenders of Isel Mountain

Donnerstag, 6. September 2018

Royal artillery AWI

Frank sculpted the next set for the shop. This time it is for Timo's range of the American revolution.
But I wished I already had them for the Cuddalore diorama.

Very soon available in our shop:-)

Dienstag, 4. September 2018

Ulundi - The next step

Last weekend we had a meeting in Lampertheim with Alfred, Roland, Schmitty, Rainer and Richard - all the guys who work with me on the project.

The weather was fine, so we took a space in the garden to simulate the diorama in the right size.
I forgot my camera, so here some photos from my I-Phone.

Alfred has better ones which I will publish when I got them.

Alfred and Roland Roland, checking the positions of the units. We have 4x6 meters for the plate and at first it was difficult to arrange the figures in this space. We thought to cut the square (which safes us to paint half of the British infantry.

In the front the British square how we want to show it. The plane above is the hill on which some Zulus fired down and in the upper left corner we have a Kral. Around the hill comes the charge of the 2nd Zulu attack on the right back corner of the square.

Still checking if we can get them around in the space left.

From another view...

Schmitty remarked " simple turn the square around. Don't show the complete front, but the complete end. Very simply and I haven't thought about it before...

The 17th lancers in the square, ready to charge out after the attack was beaten back.

Ok, next photos will show us working and organising the units on the stand.

We needed the meeting to sort things out. It is much different to work just with a list of figures and to see in reality was is really there and which poses you can use.

Now it is clear what we still have to make and hopefully in November the project is finished.

Freitag, 31. August 2018

And again more Ming Chinese

Ok, Leonardo finished the next figures for Thomas huge range of Chinese. This time they are called "Liadong".  I am wondering how many units will follow...