Sonntag, 19. Mai 2019

Some Impressions from the Modellbautage Fürstenfeldbruck

The anual modelfair in March, the only one I visit in the area around Munich.

Beside the local Lego Clubs and Star Wars Reenactors, many small model-clubs show their works.

Most of the models are airplanes, but a few figures and some great little vignettes of vehicles are also to see. My favourites this year is the WW2 harbour and I always like to see the work of the guy who makes models for a special war (this time Vietnam). Make your own choice.

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2019

Arndt's first photos for the battle of the Pyramides

After he finished his Waterloo project, Arndt got the idea to take on one of Napoleons first battles.

To be honest, I like this much more than the 1000st time Waterloo.

The French are mostly infantry from the range of Schilling figures and our own light infantry from Franks Marengo range which exactly fit the uniform the light infantry wore in 1798.

And I like to see the artillery from my Revolution range:-)

I am wondering, how the complete diorama will look like when we can see it at the dioramica in 2020!