Freitag, 11. Januar 2019

Charge of the Scotts Greys

At the dioramica I found a little nice vignette. This is something special for me. Wolfgang Meyer made it years ago and I can remember, I saw it in one of Kai Fuhrmann's Magazines in the 1990ies.

So for me this is nostalgic - and very good!

It Shows the end of the Charge, when they charged the French artillery before they themselves were taken on by the French lancers.

Montag, 7. Januar 2019

Three more Prussian Generals for the Seven Years war

Our friend Holger who already offers five Prussian Generals in our shop asked for three more Personalities.

Here come some more Prussian Generals. I remember one of them is General Werner (Hussar), but have to check my mails who the two others are.

These photos came from Massimo yesterday and I thought I simply need them for a new post:-)

Dienstag, 1. Januar 2019

A new year - a record - and new masters

Hi mates,

A new years starts, I have a lot of plans what figures to paint and on which dioramas I would like to work. I guess you have such plans too and wish, that your dreams come true!

Last week I passed the 1-Million-Hits mark. But when I see how many spams I have from strange sides which have nothing to do with our hobby I guess that is nothing to celebrate here.

But I am sure several hundred thousands are true visitors, so I will continue posting :-)

In one of our never-ending ranges we opened a new chapter. For the Franco-Prussian war we got some of the lesser known units (at least in this war) - Brunswick infantry.

See here the photos of the first Master Massimo made for it.

Between all the blue Prussians I guess this is something "colorful" :-)