Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018

More Prussians 1864-1871

Here the next set made by Massimo for our 1848-78 range.

These guys are very useful for charging the Austrians at Königgrätz in 1866 or any French position in the summer of 1870.

I hope you enjoy them.

When the infantry is done (one set will follow) I thought about Prussian Cuirassiers for the deathride of Bredow's brigade at Mars la Tour.

Montag, 15. Oktober 2018

New Ancients from Frank Ziegler

which he sculpted for our hobbyfriend Nick from Greece and which will be available in the shop soon.

 A Hypaspist with three arm-variants and three Phalangites.

Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2018

28mm AWI from Ingo

28mm is not my cup of tea as for my diorama projects in my eyes 1/72 is the best scale. And the figures are cheaper...

My friend Ingo sculpted some nice 28mm figures in the past. Now he sent me these photos of a landing party in the AWI.

He will offer these figure for sale on the Dioramica in five weeks. I thought you might be interested in the subject.

Samstag, 6. Oktober 2018

Napoleonic Bavarian Staff

I have so many photos of new sets that I can't put them all on the blog.

These two sets of Bavarian Staff figures I already put in the shop a week ago.

General, Staff officer and Feldjäger (1809)

And just for fun a few plates on the Feldjäger as this is more difficult to find:

Finally two mounted officers of the infantry

Samstag, 29. September 2018

Ulundi - creating the diorama

After we glued most of the figures on the stands we use the garden to try to get an idea how the diorama could look like.

The hills we had to think about and used a huge box as a subtidude.  It was difficult to arrange it with the space we have (6 meter x 4 meter). But in the end we had an idea how to create it.

Schmitty had the idea of turning the square why I still thought how to make the best of show

Schmitty and Roland trying to find the best way to bring the Zulu attack around the hill

This will be the part of the square we show on the plate.

The white plane the hill on which we have Zulu snipers, the green plane is the square. Around the corner you can see the charge of the Zulu column

Comming around the hill. Roland showing the places where to put the cavalry units into it.
The white markers in the middle is the place for the oxen, wagons etc.

We aggree with him:-) 

 And now discussing with Alfred how it could work, how many snipers are on the hill, where we put our Kral etc. etc.

The plates show the Zulu regiments. Of course we will fill up the gaps with more units. So far nearly 6000 Zulus are painted.

It seems in the end Alfred was happy too:-)

Less than two month now left until we can show it on the diorama - and still much work to do....

Mittwoch, 26. September 2018

Franco-Prussian war 1870/71

This is one of my favorite subjects for a future diorama project. So far I have over 1000 French line infantry, 400 Zouves and 250 Turkos.

But this is of course just enough for a rearguard fight like the diorama Alfred and Roland made and which you can find here when you click at the label under this post.

So I asked a friend of mine if he would paint some more French for me. This is the result.

Now we concentrate more on this war, especially as Patrick will bring his Solferino-Range (made by Massimo) on the market and most of the French are useful for 1870/71 too.

So we asked Massimo to make a Prussian army and here is the first set of 12 infantrymen. The next set is already in the making

In the past we already offered figures for this war, several of them made by Massimo. The last was the French firing line from Thomas,

Simpy take a look at the shop to see the increasing range. Of course we would take the profit from the selling as usual to pay for more masters.

My dream are Prussian Cuirassiers and Ulans for a charge at Mars La Tour