Samstag, 29. Dezember 2018

French and Indian war diorama at the Dioramica

Ulundi was just our project this year, but at Hannoversch Münden a lot of other great subjects are on show.

This diorama is in the permanent exhibition. If you want to see it in "real life", take a look at this link.

I very much like the subject and the realisation here is very good. On the other hand, seeing the numbers of British casualties, the few French must have been expert shooters:-)

Beside some Highlanders which are from my own range and which I also used in bigger numbers for the Cuddalore diorama, the rest of the figures are Art-Miniaturen.

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  1. Impressive diorama! The minis look very natural - I particularly like the see the walking battalion going into fire position.