Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2018

Wiener Bürger Militär - Vienna militia 1809

Since the siege of Vienna 1683 the Austrians had several regular regiments of Militia in their major towns.

In the time of the Napoleonic wars the town of Vienna had three regiments of Infantry, two of Sharpshooters, a unit of cavalry and artillery.

Our hobbyfriend Manfred asked to get this unit, so we put it in the pipeline and Frank sculpted them for him. The research was a challenge this time as there were minor differences in the uniforms of the units.

Now we have finished the sets which cover the 1st and 2nd infantry and one of the sharpshooters as well as the Grenadiers.

You may recognize the Grenadiers and the sharpshooters. The two line infantry regiments had the same uniform, just the bandoliers of the NCO's was different.

We have all the units in parade formation, to celebrate the entrance of Archduke Carl into Vienna after the battle of Aspern.

For those of you who are interested in Austrian infantry without white uniforms, here are some plates.

The figures will be available in the shop within the next four weeks.

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