Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2018

Ulundi - First detail photos

The last two weeks I was too busy at work to check all the photos I made on the Dioramica.

All in all Alfred and I made over 350 photos of which I sorted out the best. I hope not to bore you with showing several posts of them here:-)

We showed the part of the battle when the Zulus made their last charge on the backside of the square, charing around the hill. Other Zulus fired down from the hill, while at the front there was a half hearted attack to prevent the British reaching the Kral.

BTW, the whole Zulu army knew the war was lost and charged not with the same determination as in earlier battles.

See here the photos of the square. The British fought four lines deep with the cavalry in the center.
Inside the square the had organised the wagons as a last stand defence (which they never needed).

First the plan. As were not able to paint the British 1:1 we removed the left side of the square.

First the square as a whole. We had the usual problem of bad light. Maybe next time we should try to make an open air diorama...

All in all we had around 2000 British infantry, over 400 horsemen and several other units (Artillery, Army-Service-Corps, Medics, Staff) and the 2nd Batallion Natal Natives.

We had to make compromises on Woods Irregulars and had none of the Natal Native pioneers.

So now see some details on the units within the square. First the front half of it.

Artillery in the corners.

The Navy's Gatling guns in the front center.

Along the right side of the square, seen from the front.

Frontier Lighthorse behind the firing line. After them one of the Troops from the 1st DG

Again the corner

The only unit from the left side of the square as they stood behind the firing line are the mounted infantry.

 The whole front from above

To be continued...