Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

Ok, lets go building the diorama

 First it always looks like a mess
 Markus is really happy to have after years of painting his little guys on this plate
 First arrange the units already glued on wooden stands on the plate

 Schmitty still has to glue several units and the same is to do for Rainer and Markus
 Slowly it gets bigger
 Late in the night while all sellers already left their stands we are still glueing and organising
 I am myself feeling like Guliver:-)

 Oh shit, I hope the tables on which we put the diorama can hold this 90 kg!!
 Now Operation "Desert Storm" begins!
 This time we are using real sand, taken away from outside and dried at home. Looks much better than the stuff you can buy from the model-train shops. The difficulty is to cover the edges of the stands so that you can't see them in the end. All in all we had about 125 kg of sand on the plate.

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