Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

Nostalgic - German magazine "Figuren"

Between 1995 and 1998 some of the old enthusiasts in our hobby like Kai Fuhrmann, Peter Herfen and others tried to bring the first regular magazine for the collectors of 1/72 figures on the German market. Maybe the older between still know it?

It is just 16 years ago, but strange to belive - it was the time before the web. No homepages, no Emails, not even flatrates at the telephone. The only chance to get the news was to phone with the merchants or wait for the usual "whats-new" flyers. Then this magazine appeared. Each handcopied by Peter Herfen!

There were copies of boxes and sprues of the latest sets (well, maybe 20-30 each year to last years around 260).

What may still be interesting for the collectors today, there were such photos of the metal figures. Some like Tumbling Dice, Newline and other mostly British makers are still available. But here we have all the German manufactors who started producing figures. Sadly most of them are no more available on the market and others like Art-Miniaturen and Finescale don't have the very first figures still in stock. But it is worth looking on the market for second hand figures if one is interested in them. I have the luck, that in this days I already had enough money to buy all the news:-))

Here the first Art-Minaturen Punic wars and some Qualitycast figures. Hopefully someone will dig up the Qualiticast-moulds soon that I can get some reinforcements...

 One of the best "manufactors" in my eyes was Ulf Debbeler. All figures are converted and sculpted over plastics. We got a lot of great ACW figures, WW1 and colonials from him. I have his complete catalogue, so if someone is interested in his range, I can scan it too for the blog.

 Fine scale factory or the ACW artillery when I have it right in mind from Kai himself
 More Debbeler
 See here in the middle the Art-miniaturen Brunswick Leibbatallion and a French staff for Waterloo. Great figures!

Another subject was historical research, uniformology etc.

And what was nearly new to most of us - figure conversions! A sacrilege to destroy good plastics. But with the time we got our taste for it:-)

I hope you have enjoyed this nostalgic trip.


  1. Ech... The old times... We are much younger then today:)
    The Muscovites, you asked me, come from Polish company QR Miniatures.

  2. Hi Pryzmek,

    important is to be young in the mind. Well and able to paint figures:-)

    Thanks for the info, QR-Miniatures are ^1/72?