Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Peter Gilders Sudan war dioramas

The last posts mainly focused on the new figures we got, so I thought it is time for some small dioramas

Here not 1/72 as usual but some old photos from 25mm figures. Peter Gilders work on them is really impressing in my mind and I safed these photos for inspiration when increasing my own Sudan range.

I think the town especially could be very useful from the Sudan to India.

In case you are interested to get some good information together with great paintings of uniforms on the earlier part of the war 1881-85 I can highly recommend this book here, especially if you are interested in the Egypt army of this period.

It is available here and from a lot of other bookshops.


  1. Great! I really like the town...i might have a go at making one like that. One or two of the buildings could be used for Roman era as well.

  2. I have always loved Peter GIlder's work and collections. They were something really special. No one's look like this anymore.

    Best Regards,


  3. Stunning stuff - absolutely wonderful. Though it makes me wonder if the British ever served in the Sudan in red coats?

    1. Hi Conrad,

      the battle of Ginnis 1885 in the Sudan was the last battle in which the British went with red coats.


  4. Great looking pictures, thanks for sharing!

  5. Very impressive, and that walled town is a gem

  6. Very nice indeed - always stole the show whenever Gilders gear was in those early magazines!