Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Johnny Foreigner Abysinians (Ethiopeans) 1895-1935

Some years ago I bought a lot of figures from a Huw Williams, a sculpter in the UK who wanted to start with a range for the war of 1935 in Ethiopia. He started with irregular Ethiopeans of which I bought a large army and I hoped for Italian Askaris, blackshirts etc. to follow.

He had a nice list of upcomming figures. The first order went well, but when I wanted to have more figures for some friends and asking for the news the contact died away over the time.

I haven't heard or seen figures from him since then (around 2009 when I have it right in mind).
Does anybody know what happened here?

With no Italians around (Italwars has a few, but they are true 20mm) I thought to use the guys for 1896 Adua, but there they have no machine guns. So I guess I would offer a few of them in our marketplace at the Hagen shop.

But I would prefer to increase the range.

Here some photos of them I safed since then.


  1. The following link suggests that other people have not had any luck either:

    1. Yes that was really a pity. I bought a lot of them for my own collection from Huw, but he never came up with the promised extention of the range. Now I think about selling some of them in the marketplace of our shop or produce the enemies myself...