Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

Another great Waterloo diorama

My friend Thomas Mischak is working since 1995 on his diorama. I have seen it in the beginning when he used a lot of Airfix-Figures.

Over the years he painted figures new, exchanged old against new figures, created a better groundwork etc.  Because of missing space it didn't grew bigger, it became more and more better in quality.

Now he had the chance that the local newspaper became interested in it and made an article as well as a video of it.

See here the article and especially the Video. Several people were invited to visit him in his cellar to see the diorama life.

And here a lot of photos from this day.


  1. That is a mighty huge effort! Very impressive! Great work Thomas!

  2. Das is fantastisch! Es gefällt mir. Vielen dank.


  3. What a stunning Creation!!! Lovely in every way Uwe. Your friend is a very talented guy!!!

  4. Outstanding pictures! Thansk for sharing...