Samstag, 4. Juli 2015

New figures from Waterloo 1815

Usually I don't comment plastic-figures, the is the job of

But this time I thought it is time, as there is again a new set of French infantry for Waterloo, this time Waterloo 1815. These figures show French Voltigeurs and for these skirmishers lifely poses are allowed. But take a look at this.

Poses like a WW2 figure

Always a difficult pose to load a muzzle-loader..

The biggest mistake, right shouldered muskets. I think this sculptors should have learned years ago.

 Here the fighting poses, kneeling firing upwards, the others nor useful for a firing line. But they are skirmishers.

A mounted officer is always useful, he is my favourite in the set.

If you want to see all their photos, take a look at their Facebook-Page at

But they can it better. Here some photos from the Chevauleger Lancers, much much better in my eyes.

And finally they got one of the best sculptors, my friend Massimo who made their British staff for Waterloo. These are the photos of the masters. The figures are available in metal in their shop

And now I am waiting for their Belgian Carabiniers and the British dragoons :-)


  1. These figures are lovely - €13 the set. Two problems - (1) they require my Tax ID to place an order (2) They want €17 for non-registered postage to UK.

    They have to be joking? They can, to use an old Liverpool expression, go and have a scratch.

    Any chance of you stocking these at Hagen?

  2. 17 Euros for postage? That is robbery, it would be 5,50 Euro from Germany in a registered letter.

    Which figures do you mean of the series? I can try to get some.


    1. The metal Waterloo British staff group. :-)

      Cheers - Tony

  3. Lovely figures, a great addition to the hobby. Will the mentioned Belgian Carabiniers and British Dragoons be in metal? I would pre-order a set of the above figures if you are going to stock them. I will pay in advance if it helps.

  4. The British Staff looks great. I think, that I want a set, but the Postage is very high and to expensive for one set. It´s a pity ! :-(