Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

Italian Risorgimento 1848 in 28mm figures

As you know Massimo is able to sculpt in al scales.

Mike asked for 28mm Austrians and Sardinians. Here we have now the latest work from Massimo

Austrian Jägers for Italy 1848 and Hungaria 1849.

And an Sardinian Infantry officer as well as  gun-crew

But these figures won't go into the production, they are just conversions for a collector!


  1. Molto belli!! I hope you can do great ranges. Can I buy them?

  2. Hi Allesandro,

    the gun is a Perry one, just for comparrison. The figures were made for a collector who asked for such a crew. I don't know if they will be for sale in the future.


  3. A dedicated range in 28mm would be lovely to see