Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

The Greek war of Independence in the 1820ies

While searching for photos of a new post I came over this little diorama here. I found the photos on Benno's forum some years ago.

A forgotten conflict but you know I like the obscure things:-)

And here a few photos from a book for Children (!!) I found at the Island of Corfu 15 years ago.

The only part of Greek history that is covered with figures in 1/72 are ancients and if you like some Byzantines.

What about the wars of the 1820ies, Greek bataillons in Russian service, 1897 against the Turks and later in the Balkan wars, WW1 and the next Turkish war of the 1920ies? I think there are a lot of interesting sets to produce in the future.


  1. Spectacular! A wonderful dio for an unknown conflict...

  2. Now there is something you don't see everyday.

  3. For the War of 1897 scenarios are available in Bloody Big Battles. That is also the case for the 1st Balkan War. For the Turkish War of Independence , my firend Mehmet Batuhan has been preparing a rules system, Trial By Fire, covering it.

    1. Hi Konstantios,

      do you have a linkt to the 1897 scenarios?

  4. I know this one from Benno's. Just forgot who made it.
    Nice plates BTW!