Freitag, 5. August 2016

The Russo-Swedish war 1788-90

This time I have something special. For those of you who don't know about this campaign take a look at Wikipedia.

For me to have armies for this period was a dream for a long time because of the phantastic uniforms, but before we created the shop I knew that no manufactor would ever try to make these armies.

Now with Leonid's Russian infantry we had a start. These figures we have in the shop for a longer time.

The Russians fought three wars in the Potemkin uniform:

The Russo-Swedish war 1788-90
The Polish uprising of 1794
The Russo-Turkish war 1787-92

So now we have the Russians (at least a part of the army), we have some Poles and now comes the Swedish infantry:-)

We will increase all these armies over the time to round up the range as I did with Wellington in India.

And I already thought to create a range of a Turkish Napoleonic army which we need for several campaigns in the period of 1790 to 1815.

Ok, enough text, here are Massimo's masters for the Swedes

And just to show how funny they would look when painted here some uniform-plates for these guys.
My friend Peter from Sweden who ordered them for his range told me we need a Russian casualty lying on his back, laughing:-)


  1. Great looking figures! These have already been produced in 15mm by Falcon Figures, as have the Potemkin Russians and the Kosciouszko-era Poles. Still, can't wait to get some and paint them up.

    A quick correction to the Potemkin Russians - they actually fought two wars against the Poles, one in 1792 and the Kosciouszko Rebellion in 1794.

    All in all, it's great to see the Swedes getting attention. Do you have any plans to add cavalry and artillery to the lines?

    Cheers from Poland,

    1. Hi Eric,

      you are right, I didn't wanted to make it complicated:-)

      Yes I plan to enlarge the ranges. Just infantry is not enough and especially the Poles have just a few figures.