Donnerstag, 9. November 2017

Prussian Cuirassiers 1813-1815 from Waterloo 1815

As you might know Massimo is not only sculpting for us, but also makes a set for Waterloo1815 from time to time.

He sent me photos of their latest set of Prussian Cuirassiers. Useful for the campaign of 1813.

But I hate to say that the Prussian cavalry usually wore the Litewka as campaigndress. A better researcj before ordering the set from the master would have been helpful...

Massimo's sculpting is of course as good as usual.

What we could do is painting the torso like a cuirass and use them as Russian Cuirassiers or make the helmet-row bigger and paint them as Chevaliergarde for 1805.


  1. I want to paint them as Russian Drgoons .. this wil work out too ???

    1. The riders yes, but the shabracke of the horse would be different.

      take a look here