Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2019

More impressions from Kulmbach

A simple mix of figures I found interesting

Munich Kits Boxer Rebellion

Ottoman artillery in 54mm

Chinese Artillery. I like this exotic stuff:-)

Ottoman cavalry in flats. What a big range of such figures are available in flats...

And also a good Russian Crimean war crew

This Diorama was for sell.

Tel El Kebir (ok not the house). This is something I want to make in 1/72. Hopefully HAT will round up their range for the Sudan with these Egyptians.

Prussian Train in 54mm

Koreans at the Japanese invasion of Korea 1592. Again, the big number of poses...

When I have it right in mind, this Leuthen diorama was with 40mm figures

These sets were interesting for me as collector of 1/72 figure. They are old Heyde figures, from their 20mm range. Not flats, especially the cavalry. Of course it is just nostalgic thinking, but they have great units. A set is at around 100 Euro each.

And finally an unfinished diorama of the siege of Fort Henry 1757 - in 54mm

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