Sonntag, 23. Februar 2020

How a backround can bring life to a diorama

I still have many photos from Thomsonfeld in my collection. It is really a pity, that he stopped painting figures.

He had very good ideas, how to bring little sceneries into life, just with a photo of the backround.

See here some options from British light Dragoons in the AWI, bringing in supplies.

And from another view

And finally a close up of the figures


  1. Will you be at the next Herne Event?

    1. 10 years ago I was there every year in Herne. But things changed a lot in my eyes. Only new stuff for average prices. No real Bring and Buy since Peter started to buy the interesting stuff himself.

    2. I agree. It was better a few years ago. Before I´d buy a lot but in the last years I have been and I haven´t bought anything.
      The American settlers. Are they for sale yet used to have Tumbling Dice on your site. All sold or have you some left?

    3. I was there as a seller with Hagen and have seen what happens before Peter opens the doors. I don't like it. As you say, in the past I spent a lot of money there. But now, maybe I have already too much in my collection?

      The American settlers are in the shop now, you see them on the news.

      The deal with TD was that we got the orders and he sent the figures directly from the UK. The problem was, that he hasn't any photos of the sets in his own shop and the photos we had were figures from my own collection. Several collectors said, they don't buy what they can't see. So I told Paul, for the new shop we need photos. Sadly it never came to it. Maybe in the future, there is a possibility again.


  2. Herne is still pretty good imho. Agreed about the “average prices“ but still plenty of new sets, and where else can you buy single loose figures?