Sonntag, 29. März 2020

Combat of Domstadl 1758

To continue with the Seven Years war, Stefan sent me photos of his latest diorama project.

It is about a lesser known subject, the comabat of Domstadl. The Austrians attacked a Prussian convoi in 1758

To read more about it, go in my favourite SYW page atkronoskaf.

Now the photos. Ok, we won't talk about infantry, countercharging attacking cavalry:-)


  1. About 30 years ago I played this as a wargame scenario. Despite superior numbers, the long wagon train was very hard for the Prussians to defend.

    1. I guess the length of the train is the troblem. The Prussians have to spread out their units, while the Austrians concentrate on one point. Typical "Break through" scenario.