Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2021

The positive side of a forced Corona homeoffice - more figures

 a strange start for a post -  but it is the truth. Sitting at home the whole day, working from home, not meeting friends etc. etc. has the positive effect, that I paint more than usual.

Last week was the "Italian" week. I have so many Austrians lying around and already have a big Austrian army from our old Aspern project. 

Adding to this my love for exotic units. So the first set I took on was our own Blackwatch Austrian infantry of the French Revolution. At Pinterest I found many paintings from Rava, the campaign against the Venetian Republic 1797.

Can anybody tell me the book or magazine, in which I can read the article about it?

The Infantry Ultamar is another teasing subject:-) Here my Venetians.

The next subject are Piemontese infantrymen for the campaign of 1815 in South-Eastern France. 
Most of the German (better Austrian) books speak only about Austrian troops, fighting Marschall Suchet. But this is wrong, the whole Piemontese army (ok, not very big this time) fought there too.

Here just a small article from Napoleon-Series 

The uniform of the Piemontese is simply another blue Austrian uniform. See here from left to right Regiment Saluzzo, Monferrato and Regina. Just two sprues from the latest HAT set, more will follow

The next try would be to convert HATs British Peninsular heavy cavalry into Carabinieri:-)


  1. This could be of interest regarding the Venetians°%20Reggimento%20Veneto%20Real

    1. Thank you for the link. Another guy who is intersted in obscure stuff. I am not allone:-)

  2. Afraid I can't help? But the troops look great.

  3. hi Uwe, which hat figures are they to be? they are not unlike some wurttembergers they already sell 100 to a pack?

    1. Hi Lorenzo,

      I guess you mean the last photo? These are HAT's latest Austrian infantry 1809.