Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010


I still remember the first time I visited my friend Alfred Umhey in Lampertheim. This was - and still is - the largest collection of figures, books, archives I have ever seen in my life. Going down into the cellar I saw shelves after shelves full of painted figures in 1/72. Most of them from the "good old times" 20 years ago when we had nothing but Airfix and Esci. Beside all the other interesting stuff, one got my special interest. Alfred painted armies for the Sikh wars, thousands of conversions, great ideas and for me such an exotic subject (well, in the meantime I have around 25 books about it) that it became a special interest of mine.

Alfred showed me the old photos when he put this diorama on show nearly 20 years ago.
See here the first impressions of Aliwal!

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