Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

Our diorama system

Here are some photos of the how to do. Our system is to glue the figures on big stands in formations. We ordered some special boxes 30x50 centimeters for our wooden plates on which we already glued the units in correct formations. Well the formations are
usually my job. I always want the armies in the correct positions, organisations etc.
Sometimes I am the nightmare of the guys when I remove their units or tell them what has to be changed. You can imagine the nicknames they give me from time to time when it is too much for them:-)))

Before we put the diorama on show I study the historical maps and try to give the diorama the right shape in ground and space. Often this is very difficult because of the missing space we get. Here for example the distance between cavalry squadrons should be the whole length of one (1,50 Meters in 1/72). We were just able to have 80 centimeters between them.

Comming to the diorama itself. We use tables on which we put wooden plates for the ground. On this we put styropor plates to create hills if we need them. Here at Aspern everything was flat. Then we have a special fleece which is usually in use when constructing a cellar for a new house (sorry for my bad english here).

On this we place the wooden plates with the figures and afterwards we poor our special mix of modellrailwaystuff, sand, parsley, coffe etc. on it. Smells good and is much cheaper than original modell stuff.

Ok enough words, here are some photos. And no - I haven't smoked this stuff, it was for making the ground more green as it is mid May in the diorama!!!!!

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