Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Inspired by Simon Scarrow

Ok, going forward with more diorama projects. The year before Aliwal Peter Herfen wanted to have his Orc diorama on show. As I am not interested in Fantasy figures I decided to make my own in the meantime.

Inspired by the novels from Simon Scarrow I decided to make a diorama of the Roman invasion of Britains 43AD. The idea was the Romans attack a Celtic stronghold while being attacked in the flank by a Celtic relief force.

This was the last diorama I made in my hobbyroom because later it became my son's room. So this became never complete and hopefully one day will see his ressurection.

I used every manufactor I knew - plastic and metal - because I wanted as much different poses as possible. In the meantime Caesar came up with their wonderful Celts and I was able to get some Ral Partha Celts beside some other old metals. Not to forget a lot of new Strelets Romans. So be sure there will be a second one much better and bigger!

Here are the first shots . The Celts try to break the Roman line. The Romans fought between four and eight ranks deep, depended on the enemie. I guess they didn't thought the Celts too strong to need 6 or 8 ranks. Behind the line I posted the archers. I took the standards behind the line, because in my eyes it doesn't make sense to put one guy with a small shield in the front line to give the Celts a chance to break through.

I have read several books about Roman tactics before, but nowhere I got a real answer to the question where to put the Signifer. Some suggested him in the frontline, but as I said, this made no sense for me.