Samstag, 3. Juli 2010

Turkish artillery

Hi guys,

sorry for being silent. I had some hard weeks at work and thought about what to show next. The year before we did Aliwal our friend Peter Herfen wanted to show a diorama of Orks. Not my stuff, I am strictly in historical subjects. So I did a Roman diorama myself. Before I want to show this I want again to show some figures from my own production.

Hank is a very popular and well known collector on the forums, especially Strelets. Since years he is working on a 1853 Russo-Turkish war diorama, the battle of Kalafat. I wanted to help him making Turkish figures, so we both decided to make a Turkish artillery. More infantry and cavalry will follow to reinforce his Strelets and metal Turkish army.

The figure are sculpted and casted by my very good friend Andy Peters. Andy is supporting us on all the dioramas we do. Take a look at his homepage and see some very good figures he is selling.

At the moment he does a lot of figures for our upcomming Fredericksburg diorama this October. But befor I show this, take a look at the Turkish artillery, freshly sent over from Hank.

And guys - these figures are for sale!! So if you want some Turkish artillery order them from Andy or contact me. All the profit goes into new diorama projects and more exotic figures.



  1. Hi I'm really interested in this miniatures.
    Can you tell me which is the web page of Andy Peters?

    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi Oriol,

    I haven't seen your comment until now. Sorry for the delay. I see you have no mail address in your account. These masters I paid for myself, so the figures are mine and I would be glad to sell them to you. Simply send me a mail.


  3. Hi, here is my email:
    I'm interested in both artillery and infantry.
    By the way, great blog.