Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Bengal irregular cavalry

You know my fondness of the Sikh war. Last year I sent Massimo a photo as a challenge, telling him that I would like to see this figure here in 1/72

Sean from newline is working on Indian and Sikh cavalry too, but I wasn't sure if he would do irregular Bengal cavalry too. So I thought about Massimo.

This morning I got a mail labelled "surprise".
Massimo, you are my hero!!

Maybe I should ask him now for some rank and files too?:-))) It is really good to have talented friends in this hobby!


  1. Amazing, for 1/72 that is one detailed mutha of a mini!


  2. Another good one from massimo..:-D

  3. Cracking job, that's a magnificent figure. Is that a one off conversion or a cast figure?

  4. This is just a one off conversion. I fear it is impossible to cast it.