Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Pyrrhus - an international project

Maybe some of you know the hungarian wargame homepage ?

Krisztián Takács, Gabor, Zsolt and some other guys from the group visited us in the past and worked with us on the Hastings diorama some years ago. I also had the chance to visit them in Budapest, seeing their collection and was able to join the Lake Peipus diorama. Photos of both of these dioramas are already on the blog.

Also through the connections of Zsolt I was able to visit the Hungarian army museum and see some stuff the average visitor doesn't see. This museum helped me much to increase my uniform archive with hundreds of new Hungarian stuff photos. So why not a 1849 diorama in the future?

Ok, comming back to Pyrrhus. When I told Krisztian that we work on Pyrrhus he told me that they have some figures which would be useful for us. And he sent me some photos of their latest project.



  1. Lovely work - I've been tempted by 1848 for quite a while.

    These boys do a lovely range.

    Mike Embree's Radetsky Marches would probably be worth a look as well.

  2. I´m still working on it...don´t worry I´ll have something to bring along to the DUZI.
    Krisztian´s dio is great...

  3. That looks bloody awesome man, quite an impressive gathering of warriors.

  4. do you varinsh the figures after painting them?
    im curious as i paint myself but thinking that varnishing takes to much time.
    love your blog...greetings from australia.

  5. Amazing!!
    When wargaming ancients, which rule do you use?