Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

This time something from Johns collection

This time John sent photos from his last wargaming over. You remember the War of the Spanish succession armies? Now I got some close ups, including the special Old Fritz set from Art-miniaturen.  John's idea for the next big wargame will be the SYW. As he bought the old Woodensfeld moulds and is able now to cast the marvellous French infantry himself I am waiting for an impressing sight of an advancing French army.

Well with John being British I guess it won't be the battle of Fontenoy:-))) (ok, not SYW but Austrian succession)

See here some of his own Les Higgins wss range of which he also bought the moulds.

Enjoy the photos.


  1. Hi
    Not my era, but these men looks terrific!

  2. They look very well - I like the Alte Fritz particularly.