Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Figure exhibition in Schwetzingen

I am not sure if anybody ever heard about the town of Schwetzingen, south of Heidelberg in the former Kingdom of Baden:-)). But more important before being a part of the Grand Duchy of Baden it belonged to the KURPFALZ (palatinate electorale).
Kurfürst Carl Theodor, whose summer residence was in the castle later  inherited Bavaria and moved to Munich. :-)) 
Thanks to Alfred Umhey to help me with geographical knowledge of our neighbours:-))))))

Schwetzingen is the partnertown of Fredericksburg which may be more popular to you. And as we have some guys of our hobby-group living there these were able to organise a figure fair.

As Fredericksburg is popular in Schwetzingen they asked us to show our diorama there. Of course we aggreed.
And the interesting thing is that some officials from Fredericksburg will be there too and at the moment there is a discussion to bring our diorama over the Ocean for the 150th aniversary there.

See here the official flyer for the exhibition

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  1. Of course everyone has heard of Schwetzingen, and what a nice place. I am still growing flowers at my windows inspired by the people there many years ago with their window boxes.

    Fredericksburg also nice.