Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Kulmbach 2011

Before it is too late for this, I want to show you some photos from the Kulmbach figure-fair one week ago. Some of the photos are from my friend Thomas Mischak who generously allowed me to show them here.

The fair was as usual a great meeting of a lot of friends and very very bad for my money-bag. My library grew by around 20 new books and as there are mostly flats and 54mm figures, just a few 20mm/1/72 ones.

You can see here just a little part of the tent in which the fair is located.

Between the stands always painted 54mm figures

 or flats...

 Meeting friends like the Schilling's
 or Kai Fuhrmann
And finally going from the tent to the contest. Who has the best single figure or best diorama on show?
Here we had a flat figure diorama of Custer's last stand. A very good paintjob. This made me wondering when Italeri will come forward with their US cavalry. And hopefully dismounted too.

Ok not the best I have ever seen in 1/72, but I thought it nice that such a diorama in "our" scale is there on display too. I can't remember right what it was, but something in Germany 1806-10

 Good to see ideas for conversions!

This was my absolut favourite. These Dog warriors are in 1/72!! Sadly they didn't won the price for the best figure. A pity....

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