Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

Papal Swiss Guard in 1/72

I am sure some of you know our active hobby-friend Martin Macalka. For a long time it was Martin's dream to produce his own set of figures. With the help of Caesar he is now able to bring his own first set on the market.

Well it is a very exotic set, but it has its charme:-) And I am sure these guys can be converted into 15th and 16th century soldiers or other guardsmen.

These figures need a much better painter than me, but I try to do my best. Oh how I hate my digicam which shows every fault bigger than my eye....

For those of you who want to get the figures they are on sale now. Martin is still searching for merchants who want to take the set into their shop. If you are a seller or a collector you are invited to order from him directly. His email is .

Please help him and buy the figures if you can so that he can cover the costs of the set. As the big manufactors are stepping back and it is on us enthusiasts to try producing figures I think he should need our help here.
And why not asking Ceasar to sculpt and cast figures we want. We have "just" to take on the costs which - when I understood Martin right - are around 500 $ for each master and mould.

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