Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Debbeler 1870 range

As I have seen from the number of visits how much you are interested in the range, I thought it would be interesting to put some of the figures online which Pay Brodersen sold last year when he exchanged his 1/72 collection into a fortune. I have the luck to get a lot of the figures for my own collection. Here see some of the Debbelers he had for sale

 But he not only had Debbeler figures for this range, but great conversions too. To my great pain I lost all the auctions for the artillery. But having got Pay's photos (again many thanks Pay) I would be able to convert them myself.  Hey Hank, even for your Prussians advisers at Silistra 1854 interesting!!

The funiest thing was, that I accidently took a bit of 50 Euro (wanted to bit 20)  on these nine Chasseurs Afrique. Conversions from Esci Scotts Greys and Revell Lifeguards. But I lost!!!

 Other easy conversions are these Prussian and French cavalry.


  1. i too got some lovely figures from Pay, including SYW, AWI and FPW and i have in my collection some great Ulf Debbler ACW and Culloden figures, wish they were still around

  2. Very nice figures - and they look all of them like veterans of many a hard campaign. Having already quite a lot of 1879 British (Ruberia - RED) and French Foreign Legion (ESCI) (Azuria -BLUE) one is tempted to get something vaguely Teutonic like these fellows (Schwarzheim - BLACK)...