Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

Gettysburg - how we did it

Puh when I remember that these photos are 10 years old now but the memory of it still fresh. Seeing the guys we all had less grey hairs and looked anyway healthier:-)))
Here Alfred and Schmitty are glueing the woods on plates
 Old John prefered Rebell lines advancing
 Tons of boxes full of figures to organise. We needed a lorry to bring all the stuff to build up the diorama. Have I mentioned that it was 80 meters in square?

 Several units had to have being rebased. Alfred and Ingo doing the job

 I remember the first time Peter Herfen brought this plate to one of Alfred's collectorsmeetings. Simply wooden tothpricks, cut in half and then "peel" them. Afterwards paint them green and you have your maize-field. Very impressing and a lot of work...

 Ups - just in between the union fire from the flank into Pickets corps...
 Putting the based units on the plate before our usual mix of stuff is to be poored over it.

 A battle is not just fighting - These guys are fortunate to have time to relax while getting released. Others in a firing line are not so lucky....
 Thomas Förstmann made these great houses for us.

To build up the diorama we needed 16 hours. And this work just for a two-days-exhibition. Well, it seems we are enthusiasts to tell it friendly:-)


  1. Astonishing setup - I don't know about grey hairs. John hasn't changed a bit!