Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

The old Falcata popped up again

Do you remember the Falcata and NapoleoN figures? A new Spanish company (shop) called La Flechanegraminiaturas bought the old moulds or boxes of figures from the former owner.

I had the luck now to lay my hands on the Spanish guerillias which were the ones I missed so far. But all the other sets were great with around 30 different poses in each set.

 But these guys are not only sellers, but collectors too and sent me some photos of their own armies

The started producing an own range of Carlist war figures. And as I am always open for new stuff, I at once ordered the whole range:-)))


  1. Wonderful looking figures. I must pick up some of the Irregular cavalry.

  2. Never even heard of them! They look like very nice figures. Really the Bavarians.

  3. And take a look at Foy's posting in his

    he already got samples.

    Conrad, these cavalry are great, a colourful uniform.