Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

Ulf Debbeler figures

Maybe some of the German collectors know about the metals from Ulf Debbeler which were available around 15 years ago from Kai Fuhrmann. Sadly Ulf stopped producing figures. I still have his catalogue and he offered me once to recast some of the figures. But the price is a high one, between 2-3 Euro each :-(

Kai made a list of his figures in the past on his homepage which is still available. There you can see some photos of them too. I copied a few down as samples.

I am lucky to have them all in my collection. A great series of figures. Ranges are for example Culloden:

Great series of WW1 Stuff with a lot of exotics

A huge range of ACW and Franco-Prussian war and some real exotics like this "Incident at the waterkloof" copied from Bill Horan's masterpiece. Kaffir war 1852.

See here the original


  1. !!!!!!!! 3 euros for a fig!!! ? nothing these days...the colonial range is excellent..he should DEFINATELY bring them out again!!!!
    The camels are brilliant.

  2. when I see the quality of the figures: 3€ is nothing!!! they MUST be produced !!!

  3. Very cool figures; love those guys for the diorama. Best, Dean