Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Borodino Saxon Garde Du Corps

This unit is a challenge. The Zastrow we have from Zvezda and they are good figures. The Garde Du Corps is available from Strelets, but not really their best set.

So beside using up the five sets of Strelets I have in my collection I need to make conversions. The Italeri 1806 Prussian Cuirassiers are an option for conversions as are any British dragoons. Here I converted Scott't Greys and Lifeguards. My luck is, that Rainer already made some good conversions which he casted in metal and which you have seen in the posts before.

And with now just seven weeks left before we have to put it on display, here is a shemata of how a Saxon cavalry-squadron was organised. They have to be glued in this formation on the stands.

Here some of my own figures

 These are Ycreol dead Prussian Cuirassiers for 1806

 These two need of course white horses! The one beside the Strelets trompeter was a Italeri Carabinier trompeter when he came out of the box.

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