Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

Massimo sells his figures and offers to sculpt for money

Now not only Krisztian lost his job, but Massimo too:-((
Some of you are already helping Krisztian with sending him figures to paint. Maybe some more would be interested to ask Massimo for his abilities too?

Here is the text of the mail I got from him tonight:

Dear Uwe,
I send you photos of some of my work.
for the price of the dioramas we can talk about any further, let's see if we are interested.

Thanks for your help,
Prices range from 300.- € of my dioramas. - up (for example: 2 figures sculpted and painted on the base, Scottish Tamai, are 3-4 days of work, minimum 300. - euros),
but the prices are always negotiable.

My pieces  not  paintings ( extreme conversions and sculpture):
minimum 20. - max. 30. - € for the figure on foot
minimum 30. - max. 60. - € for the figure on horseback

Simple conversions (change of trade figures)
Minimum 5. - max 10 . - €  for the foot figures
minimum 10. - max. 20. - € for the figure on horseback

Prices may vary depending on the difficulty of building and number of pieces.

And he can paint too! You remember maybe the Indian irregular cavalry officer he sculpted me? One of the gems in my collection. Here a few of his dioramas for sell:

If you want to send him a mail, his address is:

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  1. He is an artist..the combination odf sculpting/conversion and painting to such a high degree in one person is rare.