Sonntag, 16. November 2014

Krisztians range of 15mm figures for the war in Hungaria 1848/49

This weekend I got the link from our Hungarians friends Homepage. There is an english section too.

Krisztian wrote here about his own ever growing range of 15mm figures for this subject.

I don't know if 15mm is still a favourite scale for wargamers as in the magazines I usually see the 28mm stuff. Being no wargamer myself I don't know if these figures are popular. What do you all think?

I want to help Krisztian selling the figures as I personally think that the war itself is a very interesting and colourful subject and the Austrians are useful for the campaign in Italy 1848/49 too.

So we put them into our shop too at

And as the subject is really interesting for me I already ordered the first figures for this war in 1/72 from him too.


  1. 15mm is still a thing among wargamers, though the period seems to be one that is not covered very frequently to my knowledge. Usually the 15s are the standard scale among all things relating to Field of Glory (Ancients/Medieval or Renaissance) and also found often in WW2 due to Flames of War.

  2. Unbelievable - I know Krisztians talents from 28mm-ranges and I adore that. But this now topped all!