Montag, 24. November 2014

Our latest news

Well, nearly a new set every week at the moment. That is even too much for me and I am a fast painter...

But this time I have something special - Bavarian Chevaulegers 1812. For me as a Bavarian these guys are a must.

So hopefully available in 2-3 weeks from Hagen-Miniatures:-)

This guy here is sculpted after a detail in one of the battle-paintings in the Munich residence where I had the chance to get a special permission to make photos of all the details in the paintings. That was a great day for an uniform-researcher as you could imagine:-) 

So we have two units, charging and waiting. See the bigger helmet for the officer too, sculpted after an original in the Bavarian army museum. Now let's take on the Russians or the French in 1814/15.


  1. What a beautiful set of figures, loads of energy and life to them!

  2. Oooh, they are very nice! You tempt me with Massimo's output, Uwe! :-)

  3. Lovely figures, very well animated and sculpted!

  4. master sculpting work ! beautiful !

  5. These are quite beautiful and the Bavarian Chevauleger off his mount in simply stunning.