Freitag, 17. April 2015

Good to have such friends

On Sunday is my birthday. And today I sat at my sofa, working at the home-office.
It ringed on the door and the postman gave me a parcel from Massimo. I thought "what a mess, he should have sent it to Andy for mouldmaking".

When I opened it I was speechless. On top of the parcel lay a letter "Happy Birthday, this is a gift from your friend Pieter (and from him too I guess).

Bavarian dragoons skirmishing. He even took one of them from my Google-Icon

As I said, good to have friends:-) I am sure these guys will find some more comrades to fight the Austrians in 1805 and 1809 - as wall as Tirolean insurgents I have in mind for a long time.


  1. In case I forget, Happy Birthday on Sunday.

  2. Wow - that is an amazing gift. Lovely work too. Happy birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday ole pal. Nice models....cheers Markus

  4. What a fantastic gift from Massimo! And a Happy belated Birthday from me to!