Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2016

Israelites 700 BC

Biblical history is one of my favourite subjects as I like these early armies.

For my Assyrian army I searched for an enemy. Egyptians in 700 BC looked different to Ramses troops, Babylonians are looking similar and other enemies as Hittites, Elamites etc. are also not available.

The siege of Lachisch is a diorama I have in mind since I found this painting here
 Maybe someone can offer the painting in a bigger file?

And here two battlelines of a field-battle in this period to give an idea how the formations looked like

So I asked Darek to sculpt me some Israelites for the siege of Lachisch after the uniform-plates I gave him. This is the result (the two half naked ones will get some cloth too).

Light slingers and javelinmen as well as some infantry. I just have to search out the right style of the shields for the heavier guys.


  1. As you know, one of my favourite armies. For shields, HaT figures come with lots of very useful separate shields which I used when I did some Garrison conversions - you get quite a few in the box.

  2. As you know, Assyrians are one of my favourite armies. When I did a load of shieldless conversions I simply bought boxes of HaT Assyrians and used the separate shields from there - worked well.

  3. You're going to need extra greenstuff for all those beards.