Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

Some more masters for the future production.

I asked Thomas for a few photos of his work and this is what I got from him. Ming Chinese infantry. I think the diorama will be a siege one:-)

We have some strange new masters. Our hobyfriend Mark wanted to have an Inca train. Alfred sent me this photo of a flat figure diorama and Massimo made the masters. The Lama I found myself in a Zoo-set.

Next will be Leonids enemies for the Potemkin Russians - The Polish army of 1793/94

Leonid is also working on 28mm Russian knights. Not my scale but the sculpting is great 

A hobbyfriend from France made these 1/72 masters of modern Syrian infantry. Sadly we can't get these figures for our shop, it is a private production in very small numbers. For those of you interested in them send me a mail and  I can give you his email-adress

Last but not least I asked Leo from Phersu to sculpt me Indian and African oxen. The first to round up my Wellington in India range with an artillery train, the second to have some herds of  cattle for our upcomming Ulundi diorama. Alfred found a 28mm Indian cow. I hope we will get better ones:-) But I know sculpting animals is not so easy.

Ok, now I have cleared up my PC, no more photos of new stuff left...

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