Donnerstag, 10. März 2016

Photos from the Mainz modelfair in September 2015

I have already shown the photos from our Poitiers Diorama, but look here what was also on display from other modellers

Irak in 1/72, several dioramas
When I remember it right, this submarine was 1/72 too

Impressing. When I was a child this Classic Lego Space came on the market

A Cuirassier Charge with Zvedza figures

A glimpse on a range of French SYW figures in 1/72 which will appear in our shop in the future. But just when it is completed. So you have to wait a year. Paint some enemies for them in the meanwhile:-)

Rüdigers Prussian Pontoniers from the SYW

The Nautilus as a paper modell

A nice 1/35 African WW2 diorama

Dozens of Since fiction models on display too

 More 1/32 little dioramas

A big stand from other Lego collectors. All of them historical subjects which I liked very much. My son (a big Ninjago-Fan) was impressed by all the photos I made from this Japanese castle:-)

I can't remember who made this Roman houses, but I guess they were from Norseman.

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