Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Roman village from the figure fair in Kulmbach August 2015

At Kulmbach I had just the mobil-phone from my job with me. Not the best quality of photos.

But I liked this Roman village and thought the photos have to be shown. Maybe some other hobbyfriends who visited the fair can offer better photos?

In addition this flat figure diorama - The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Just right before easter... I liked the buildings. That is something we have on our list to create in 1/72 in the future production.

And just for fun  - our own stand at Kulmbach. Looks much more professional since we started two years ago, eh? :-)


  1. You were at the last Herne Show? The Medieval guns..Bombard with mantlet etc...Finescale?

  2. Hi Paul,

    no, too far away from southern Bavaria and in my eyes no more worth the trip. It is much different to the older fairs 10 years ago.
    Andy had our official stand there.



    1. True..the Show isn´t as good as it used to be.
      Finescale factory. He (Andy) had them on the Hagen Mini´s stand.
      No..Warte..ich habe die gefunden!! :-D

    2. Er hat eine paar alte Formen ausgegraben. Da muß noch mehr kommen - wenn er die findet:-)