Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Museum and battlefield Nachod

The battle of Nachod on the 27th June 1866 was the first Major action of the Prusso-Austrian war.
There were several clashes before, but here we have the first hard cavalryfight and as usual the senseless Austrian infantry attacks on Prussian lines.

This painting by Knötel shows the combat between Austrian Cuirassiers and Prussian Dragoons

Here some photos from the location of the cavalry fight. At 11.00 am a Brigade of Austrian Cuirassiers (4th and 6th regiment - together 660 men strong) charged a Brigade of Prussian cavalry (4th and 8th Dragoons and 1st Ulans - together 1350 strong). Of course I didn't gone well and they were nearly surrounded. A squadron of the 6th Cuirassiers came to their help and cut the way free.

The fight which lastet 35 minutes cost the Austrians 8 officers, 142 Cuirassiers and 200 horses. The Prussians lost 20 officers, 149 men and 119 horses. You see the Austrian cavalry behaved better than their comrades from the infantry.

There is a nice little museum in Nachod from which are these photos, dioramas and uniforms.

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