Dienstag, 19. Juli 2016

Tirallieurs Anamite for Indochina 1880ies

When I started my own production several years ago I had some ideas for exotic campaigns. One of it is the French war in Indochina in the 1880ies.

The French Colonial infantry I painted from British Zulu war figures, the Zouaves I made with head-conversions.

The Problem were the enemies and the Colonial troops. So at first I asked Ingo to make me some Anamites which I have in the shop since the beginning.


I never went on with this subject because I concentrated on Wellington in India and some other ranges I had in mind.

Now I asked Ingo if he still can make me some figures to round up this range.
First the Tirallieurs Anamite, later some Black Flags.

Now I got the photos from Ingo. Well the first one has a full beard which is not the way of Vietnamese People. I will try to get a head-conversion here.  But the uniform is good and I have another unit to fight in the jungle:-)

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