Samstag, 10. Dezember 2016

Now some photos from our own diorama at the Dioramica - Hastings

We had this diorama made in 2006. The photos I already showed on this blog.

Now at the 950th aniversary and being sure that most of the other dioramas would be Napoleonic Schmitty thought that we should show Hastings again.

So we put out our old units and increased them with the figures we painted over the last 10 years.

The only problem was that when I was on the way to the fair Schmitty gave me a phonecall as he was already there. He told me "We just got a frontline of 3 meters". Well, too small for our shieldwall.
I got the left flank of the Saxon line and had not really much space to bring all the units on the table and had to press some units together.

But see here the first set of photos how we tried to handle it.

Schmitty thinking


  1. Impressive !! How many thousands of figures are there on the table ? I spotted Robin Hood by the way, nice touch :-)

    1. Hi John,

      around 6000 this time. Well Robin fought the Normans, didn't he:-)