Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016

Some new masters lying around

Since a few weeks I have masters from Darek here which I wanted to show on the blog too.

My idea was to have some enemies for an Assyrian army. We already have some Israelites but I wanted to have an Egyptian army.

Pharao Necho's army consisted of a lot of mercnaries, mostly Greek and Carthagians. But I guess he had units from his own nation too.

So I asked Darek to sculpt me some heavy Egyptians, modelled after the Egyptian marines in Xerxes army or like in this painting.

Here the result

As for the Greeks they had to be Archaic ones in an older armour like these guys

Well, here is what I got

I think a proper Phalanx would still be needed.

So far I have no Carthagians for this period.

But there are some more Greeks from other periods comming. Thrakians (here a photo with false shields)

I got a set of Thureophoroi (Greek Legionaries) I asked him for. These guys are very useful for the campaigns of Caesar in the Civil wars. No photos so far.

I got another little set of figures from Ingo, Samurai and Peasants. Thomas took them over for his range.

And finally I was able to glue together the AWI US in Hunting-Shirt from Timo's range.

There will be two other poses more and a lot of head-variations to cover several units


  1. My Special Favorit are the spartans.They are already to buy ?

    regards Michael

    1. Hi Michael,

      they are -