Sonntag, 26. März 2017

The Derwish charge - from Massimo's own range

On Friday I got this mail from Massimo:

I inform you that I have available the new sets sculpted by me
 “The Mahdists “  price is 25.-  € + shipping cost

Are still available my sets 42th Black Watch Miniatures :
Black Watch , Battle of Tamai , Sudan 1884-85         price    25.- €
4th Alabama , First Battle of Bull Run 1861                price    33.- €

Shipping cost (the price remains unchanged even if the number of sets is one or more)
Europe , UK     11.- €
U.S.A., Americas, Canada     16.- €
Australia , New Zeland          17.- €
If you are interested in the figures send me a mail and I can give you Massimo's details, bank account etc. 

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